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Grilled Fish with Wine

By |August 30th, 2018|Golden Oak Aged Reserve, Jonathan, Main Dishes|

Poaching fish with a little wine and olive oil makes for an elegant mid-week meal. You can grill these or bake them in the oven. The recipe below is more of a guideline than a direct recipe since each fish has slightly different cooking times. Refer to recipes online for specific fish you are using [...]

Mushrooms with Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve

By |August 2nd, 2018|Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve, Sauces & Dips, Vegetable Dishes|

Cooking mushrooms with wine is easy, quick, and adds a complex companion to any dish. Add to rice for a fast, faux-risotto, or top steak, chicken, or pork to fancy-up a weeknight meal. 8 oz baby portabella or white button mushrooms, brushed off & sliced (can leave stems on or take them out and reserve [...]

Grilled Squash with Golden Oak

By |August 18th, 2018|Golden Oak Aged Reserve, Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve, Uncategorized, Vegetable Dishes|

Grilling vegetables with a splash of your favorite Pomona Wine is a cinch! 2-3 cups of summer squash, cut into 1" slices, or quartered into strips 1/2 yellow onion (or 1 large shallot) cut into chunks 2-3 Tablespoons of Golden Oak Aged Reserve (or other Pomona Wine) 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil Salt & pepper [...]

Best Brownies (with Strawberry Wine)

By |August 30th, 2018|Desserts, Strawberry Wine|

Our freshly bottled Strawberry wine is DIVINE with chocolate...especially warm chocolate brownies straight out of the oven.  Of course, you could make them from a mix, but why not try making them from scratch? This batter can be doubled and divided evenly between two 8-inch pans or poured into one 13X9-inch pan – bake for [...]

Orchard Spice Bread Pudding

By |September 28th, 2018|Desserts, Orchard Spice|

Cinnamon Sugar 2 Tablespoons sugar ½ teaspoon cinnamon Bread Pudding 4 large eggs 1 large egg yolk ¾ cup sugar 2 ½ cups whole milk (don’t use low fat – it will separate) 2 ½ cups heavy cream 3 Tablespoons Orchard Spice Wine 2 Tablespoon vanilla extract ¾ teaspoon fresh ground nutmeg ¼ teaspoon salt [...]

Orchard Spice Cake

By |August 2nd, 2018|Desserts, Orchard Spice|

This is a quick cake for any time of the year, but great for holidays. This cake can be made in a 9X13 sheet cake pan or as a layer cake. One box white cake mix One box instant vanilla pudding mix 1 tsp ground nutmeg 3/4 cup vegetable oil 3/4 cup Pomona Orchard Spice [...]

Jamaican Jerk Marinade

By |August 30th, 2018|Main Dishes, Orchard Harvest|

Use this tasty marinade for either pork or chicken  ¼ Cup Orchard Harvest ¼ Cup Soy sauce ¼ cup olive oil Jamaican Jerk Seasonings (3T to ¼ Cup, depending on your flavor preference) Combine all ingredients. Marinate meat 1-24 hours (depending on kind & cut). Grill to perfection. (Check cooking times and temperatures for the [...]

Christmas in a Crockpot

By |August 30th, 2018|Cocktails, Desserts, Orchard Spice, Uncategorized|

Make this warm festive cocktail in the crock pot to help keep your family happy during the holidays!  If you have a LARGE crockpot, you'll need 3-4 bottles; 2 will work for smaller volume crock pots. Uncork and pour bottles of Orchard Spice into crock pot. Add 2-4 cinnamon sticks and cloves (to taste). You [...]